Escape Velocity Workshop November 11th

The New Zealand Software Association is thrilled to bring this 1 day workshop from Chasm Institute to Auckland. This is a rare opportunity to participate in a world class workshop that has helped businesses all over the world on the path to large scale growth.

Workshop Objective

This workshop is an opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills required to create and execute a strategy to manage a portfolio of products, across many different phases of the Technology Adoption Life Cycle.


  • The Hierarchy of Powers, and how to use it as a framework for executive-level decision making
    • ­ How to effectively manage for Category Power across different life cycle stages
    • ­ How to manage for Company Power across different life cycle stages
    • ­ How (and when) to create Market Power by using 9 key elements in a Target Market Initiative
    • ­ How to increase the competitiveness of your products through Offer Power
    • ­ How to use Execution Power to reach tipping points faster
  • Zone Management – how to compete at full strength when engaging with disruptive innovations
    • Zone Offense – how to manage resource allocation challenges in onboarding a new lie of business
    • Zone Defense – how to organize to beat back a disruptive innovator’s attack on a core mature business

Practical Application: What You Walk Away With

  • Key products placed in the Technology Adoption Life Cycle
  • Key decision areas that need to be address within the Hierarchy of Powers
  • Key strategic organizational decisions for achieving Escape Velocity
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